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Worm Gigs - Graham Costello's 'STRATA' on Wednesday 7th June at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Wednesday 7th June 2023
Worm Gigs: Graham Costello's 'STRATA'

Worm Gigs invite Scottish drummer and composer Graham Costello to Dareshack for an intimate and immersive journey into 360 degrees of sound. Graham is a powerful and technically impressive drummer who creates minimalist music that ranges from ambient and post-rock, to jazz improvisation. With his band STRATA, he has been nominated for Scottish Album of the Year and eight Scottish Jazz Awards.

Lowes + Guests on Friday 9th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Friday 9th June 2023
Lowes + Guests

Vocalist Evie Plumb and producers/multi-instrumentalists Jamie Walker and Luke Paget are LOWES – an electronic trio that take pride in their penchant for thunderous pop imbued with unapologetic authenticity, allowing their music to be both powerful and vulnerable. The trio have enjoyed a meteoric rise since their initial breakthrough on Soundcloud in 2018 – with several critically acclaimed records, high-profile collaborations and even a Radio 1 Dance Award for Best Dance Singer now under their belts. Hailing from rural North- West England and each with a lifetime of musical experience, the band are more than comfortable writing, recording and producing their own work. Gladly peppered with a note of sarcasm, LOWES’ music and lyrics often reflect darker ideas and honest fears.

Saloon Dion EP Release Party + Tlya x An + Getdown Services on Saturday 10th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Saturday 10th June 2023
Saloon Dion EP Release Party + Tlya x An + Getdown Services

After getting the ‘next big thing’ nod from SXSW, Saloon Dion are set to be Bristol’s gobby post-punk poster boys for the next while (fans of Hotel Lux, Sports Team and Public Body should clear some wallspace). Their debut EP launch comes rammed with support from sultry club pop mistress Tlya X An + biting social satire boogie from Getdown Services.

The Cult - Workshop on Sunday 11th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Sunday 11th June 2023
The Cult (Workshop)

An enriching experience of relaxation, introspection, and fresh ideas. Come and join artist Katie Fishlock for a delightful 90-minute workshop aimed at nurturing your soul in a warm and supportive setting. Together, we'll embark on a journey where you can freely express your thoughts on a chosen theme and connect with like-minded individuals who are eager to lend an ear. This is a space where you can truly be yourself, so feel free to come as you are and settle in comfortably as we explore fresh ideas. Remember to bring your yoga mat or a cosy blanket, as we'll be seated on the floor at this venue. Let's create a space of relaxation, introspection, and connection. I can't wait to share this enriching experience with you.

Reverend and the Makers (Acoustic) on Sunday 11th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Sunday 11th June 2023
Reverend and the Makers (Acoustic)

Eastside Events by arrangement with Wasserman Presents a very special acoustic performance from Sheffield's indie-rock greats Reverend And The Makers featuring Jon McClure & Ed Cosens. The two members will be showcasing their upcoming album Heatwave In The Cold North which you can pre-order along with your ticket.

Ramshackle Comedy #3 on Monday 12th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Monday 12th June 2023
Ramshackle Comedy #3

Running in one of Bristol's coolest and most monochromatic coffee shops, Ramshackle Comedy brings you the absolute cream of the crop of the comedy world from Bristol, the South West and beyond! Cutting edge up-and-comers, award winners, even some TV names, all here to do one thing: try weird new jokes, push their creativity and, of course, make you laugh your monochromatic socks off! Line-up to be announced soon.

Tikoda – Patina Single Launch + Guests on Wednesday 14th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Wednesday 14th June 2023
Tikoda – ‘Patina’ Single Launch + Guests

TIKODA, a talented audio-visual artist and music producer, will perform live electronic music infused with rave and underground influences. Experience a night of mesmerizing 360° sound, audio-reactive visuals and lighting design, and outstanding performances from a diverse lineup of collaborating artists, showcasing Tikoda's latest experiments in the world of AV. Support from Kerry Smith, Walya, TLK and A.Whales.

Hypothetics + StandToOrder + Kingsdown Youth Choir on Friday 16th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Friday 16th June 2023
Hypothetics + StandToOrder + Kingsdown Youth Choir

Crosstown Concerts present Bristol-based alternative indie band Hypothetics to celebrate the release of their hotly anticipated EP - GET LET DOWN. The following is on their Spotify: Hypothetics are George Bailey (Vocals/Guitar), Jim Wilcox (Drums), Dan Pacini (Guitar/Vocals) & Joe Holliday (Bass/Vocals). 
 They started writing music together in 2018. Since then they have released a string of singles, creating a name for themselves in hometown Bristol, all while performing high velocity shows across the UK. 
Support from StandToOrder + Kingsdown Youth Choir.

Totality - Function Room Alldayer on 17th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Saturday 17th June 2023
Totality / Function Room Alldayer

The second Totality in June will team up with Jake Healy (Function Room) on Saturday, June 17th at Dareshack. We’re honoured to run our All Dayer with this incredible group of like-minded underground artists including Harpoon, Yokel x D.Ham x Franco Franco, Ekhinda, Maes y Circles, COIMS ft Malt Lymon, Foot Foot, Punchcutter, Rainbow Slicer & Jake Healy.

MYSTIFIER + CRYPTWORM + BLASFEME on Monday 19th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Monday 19th June 2023
Mystifier + Cryptworm + Blasfeme

MYSTIFIER is a Brazilian Black Metal band formed by the lead guitarist and bassist Beelzeebubth, in July 1989, in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The band created an aggressive and satanic music within the Brazilian extreme classic underground metal style, which makes them veterans of their scene, following the steps of Sepultura, Sarcofago and Vulcano. This will be Mystifier's first return to Europe since 2016. Support from locals Cryptworm & Blasfeme.

First Floor Vol. 1 Book Presentation - Shawn Reynaldo in Conversation with Bruce on Tuesday 27th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Tuesday 27th June 2023
First Floor Vol. 1' Book Presentation: Shawn Reynaldo in Conversation with Bruce

We’re very pleased to be hosting a presentation for Barcelona-based writer and editor Shawn Reynaldo’s latest book ‘First Floor Vol.1’. Having spent decades immersed in independent music culture, logging countless hours running labels, throwing parties and hosting radio shows, Shawn’s work as a music journalist has made him one of electronic music’s most prominent voices. A collection of Reynaldo’s most thought-provoking essays, First Floor Volume 1 provides a nuanced, wide-ranging look at contemporary electronic music culture, with a particular focus on systemic issues that often go undiscussed. The event will be moderated by Bruce, a DJ and producer from Bristol whose work has appeared on labels like Hessle Audio, Timedance, Livity Sound and Idle Hands.

Supalung + Guests on Thursday 29th June 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Thursday 29th June 2023
Supalung + Guests

SupaLung is a new indie-rock outfit composed of singer-songwriter Sam Brookes & multi-instrumentalist, producer Pete Josef. The group describe their upcoming music as joyous, melodic and experimental. In their own words: “We wanted to draw from all of the great music across time that we love and put it into this album. The keystone was Joy - if it didn’t make you smile, send shivers of excitement or fill your eyes with joyous tears then we double-backed and started again.” The groups debut single, ‘Pleasure’, is released on the 21st April on KiAn Records.

FAGBUTT on Friday 30th June at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Friday 30th June 2023

Fagbutt is a new queer event bringing the filthiest animals on stage for a night of camp debauchery, and downright dirty techno beats. Transforming Dareshack into your favourite chaotic anarchist utopia. Brought to you by the party gals of Bristol, our aim is to provide a safe space for all klub kids, queerdos and sickos, whilst creating a fully immersive environment transporting you to a demonic dimension. GROTESQUE BURLESQUE, CREEPY CABARET, expect filth, gore and glamour from our headline performers and our featured podium dancers as we paint the town red, and if that wasn't enough, we will have games and prizes up for grabs. The dress code is klub kid carnage, trash bag couture, DIY deity however this is only implied.

Juju - I've Got A Lot To Say EP Launch + Lucy Barton on Saturday 15th July 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Saturday 15th July 2023
Juju: 'I've Got A Lot To Say’ EP Launch + Lucy Barton

Juju returns to Dareshack for the release of her debut EP 'I've Got A Lot To Say'. This unique performance promises to be a departure from typical live shows, utilising Dareshack's concept store to bring the narrative of Juju's debut EP to life. With support from Lucy Barton, expect an evening of haunting, left-field synth-pop and fully charged alt-rock. For fans of PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Florence + The Machine, Lorde, Halsey + Kate Bush.

Sweet Baboo + Guests on Friday 8th September 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Friday 8th September 2023
Sweet Baboo + Guests

Sweet Baboo is the alter ego of North Walian musician and songwriter Stephen Black. His career has spanned over 2 decades and has seen him release 7 albums to date to critical acclaim. His latest album ‘The Wreckage’ was released in January 2023 on his own Amazing Tapes from Canton Label to glowing reviews. "With a blend of humility and affection, Stephen Black, [is] a honey-voiced man with a goal of becoming the Harry Nilsson of Snowdonia.' The Times on 2015 The Boombox Ballads (Moshi Moshi Records).

Louis Culture + Guests on Monday 18th September 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Monday 18th September 2023
Louis Culture + Guests

Louis Culture is the compelling, genre-bending artist whose music you didn’t know you needed. The 24-year-old rapper, producer and DJ explores the rich tapestry of black British music – house, UK garage, hip-hop and more – with effortless lyrical delivery for an altogether different experience, a soundtrack for the lives of listeners. Still early in his career, he has made his name known in London’s burgeoning underground scene through a number of releases. This includes 2016 debut single “Don’t F Up Louis”, 2017’s “Culture For 17,” 2018’s “Local” and 2020’s “Part 2,” garnering millions of plays across all streaming platforms and support from the likes of Complex, TRENCH, NTS, Boiler Room and i-D.

Beneath the Embers + Serpentyne on Thursday 21st September 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Thursday 21st September 2023
Beneath the Embers + Serpentyne

Experience the ultimate musical convergence as Serpentyne and Beneath the Embers unite for an enchanting co-headline tour, joined by special guests The Great Alone and Joakem. Prepare to be transported to realms of sonic wonder and immersive performances that will leave you breathless. Serpentyne will weave their mystical tapestry of folk, rock, and medieval influences, captivating you with ethereal melodies and powerful vocals. Feel the ancient spirits come alive as their enchanting music unfolds before your eyes. Beneath The Embers will unleash their raw energy, delivering a melodic metal experience that resonates deep within your soul. Brace yourself for thunderous drums, electrifying riffs, and a stage presence that commands attention.

Desperate Journalist + Guests on Wednesday 14th October 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Wednesday 4th October 2023
Desperate Journalist + Guests

DHP Presents London-based post-punk band Desperate Journalist for their Dareshack debut.

LA Priest + Supports on Saturday 7th October 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Saturday 7th October 2023
LA Priest + Supports

Crosstown Concerts welcomes LA PRIEST to Dareshack. Previously a member of Late of the Pier - one of the UK’s most forward-thinking indie bands of the 00s, Sam Dust is now a solo artist in his own right. In support of their upcoming album ‘False Luna’, LA Priest will grace the stage to deliver their space-pop solo work to a very lucky audience. Following 2020’s GENE, named after a modular drum machine that Sam designed using 150 electrical circuits he’d built himself, ‘False Luna’ strips things back to little more than Sam and his guitar: nine sunshine-streaked tracks of pure bliss.

Deadletter + Guests on Wednesday 25th October 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Wednesday 25th October 2023
Deadletter + Guests

"Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, DEADLETTER channels the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythms of LCD Soundsystem into a strain of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through a lens of narrative-driven levity. With members being firm friends from birth, there is an instinctive understanding of movement and danceability to their music worth its' weight in gold, whilst never cheapening the nuance and grit of their sound. With four singles now under their belt, the only way is upward for DEADLETTER. “One of London’s most exciting bands” – So Young Magazine “DEADLETTER are one of the most exciting new acts out there.” – DIY"

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan + Kayla Painter on Friday 27th October at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Friday 27th October 2023
Pinkdot Presents: Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan + Kayla Painter

Gordon Chapman-Fox was born in the 1970s and spent his childhood re-enacting Star Wars to the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre against the backdrop of the last gasp of the space-race. Gordon has been making electronic music since 2003 under various names and labels. Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan is his latest project. Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan has seen three albums released to critical and popular acclaim under the much-respected Castles In Space imprint. “A potentially overwhelming experience for anyone ever separated from their mum in a crumbling multi-storey car park” – Electronic Sound.

Mandy Indiana + Supports on Wednesday 1st November 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Wednesday 1st November 2023
Mandy, Indiana + Slap Rash

Mandy, Indiana is an experimental quartet that combines the seduction of dance music with the mystique and danger of industrial heaviness. The last we heard from the band was in 2021. Now, they've returned with a new single "Injury Detail" that was produced by Fair and Giant Swan's Robin Stewart. On the new track, Caulfield repeats ominous phrases over tinny percussion and bursts of steam. Like an insidious billionaire who's trapped a couple of poor souls in a cave for battle all for the pleasure of watching uncensored violence, Caulfield announces for "Player 1" to ready themselves against their opponent. She speaks almost cheerily in her native French: "Nothing is true / Everything is allowed / Finish off your opponent," the lyrics translate. It's grim and suspenseful, packing the punch of a thriller film in less than five minutes. The real chill comes from Caulfield's giggle at the end. Check it out here.

Model Actriz + Guests on Tuesday 7th November 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Tuesday 7th November 2023
Model/Actriz + Guests

Following the release of their debut album ‘Dogsbody’, we’re very excited to welcome Brooklyn-based Model/Actriz to Dareshack. Model/Actriz bring a new kind of depth to harshness, and open-endedness to the familiar. They perform an intensity in their work that resembles a rubber ball approaching vibrational frequency bouncing between the closest points of extremes: joy and violence, humor and nihilism, flirtation and effacement. Model/Actriz is a special conjuring of grey areas without a whiff of indecision. Seeing them perform live is when these push/pulls start to make sense. Model/Actriz are undeniably intentional, which muddies any association with “punk,” a close sonic reference.

Gently Tender + Naima Bock + Sam Grassie on Thursday 9th November 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Thursday 9th November
Gently Tender + Naima Bock + Sam Grassie

Rising from the ashes of Palma Violets, Gently Tender first begun as a reminder for Sam Fryer – once, the vocalist in one of South London’s most-hyped bands – to treat himself more softly. Joined by his former Palmas bandmates Will Doyle and Pete Mayhew, along with The Big Moon’s Celia Archer and guitarist Adam Brown, the band’s long-awaited debut album ‘Take Hold Of Your Promise!’ has been five years in the making, and marks a return to something slow and careful, rooted, and soulful. Produced by Matthew E. White, it glimmers with gospel choirs and warm bursts of horn, unearthing a spiritual kind of acceptance in the process. The world may be a burning trash-pit, and the work of striving to be a better person will never end. But in Gently Tender’s universe, at least, there’s a precious sliver of hope to be found; even in the dark shadows, you’re never watching the flames rage alone.

Gotts Street Park + Guests on Tuesday 14th November 2023 at Dareshack Wine Street Bristol BS12BD

Tuesday 14th November
Gotts Street Park + Guests

Gotts Street Park play Dareshack in support of their debut album ‘On The Inside’ released this October. It’s more than an album – it’s an invitation. “We want listeners to feel like they’re stepping into a room with us, peering into our process,” say the acclaimed Leeds trio, describing a genre-hopping odyssey that acts as a collective diary of everything their relationship encompasses, both as collaborators and close friends. “When we listen back, we can hear the mood we were in on different days and in different seasons of our lives,” they explain – which is why each hazy analogue synth melody, each pentatonic bass fill, each dusty guitar melody emerging from a seventies Fender amp seems tell a story. On The Inside’s title represents that rawness, they add – “how the music is what it is. It’s a window into our world.”