The studio

As a group of creatives with a wealth background in devising and producing multi-disciplinary experiences, Dareshack’s 140-cap creative studio space represents a combined microcosmic desire to build, break and bend the rules of storytelling through music, digital visual arts, and hospitality. The studio is the very heart of Dareshack. A blank page, an opportunity for creation, and an invitation to collaboration in any shape or form: Music, immersive experiences, talks, workshops, filming, photography, and everything in between.

Part of our mission is to celebrate the vibrancy of the UK’s independent artists, especially those who incorporate attention to narrative and atmosphere in their work as we strive to make each show a collaborative experience. We will keep our venue entrenched within the local live music community, with our unique approach cementing us as one of Bristol’s grassroots music venues for artists who wish to take their live experiences to a new, conceptual level through community and collaboration.

We are always happy to share the space with other companies and creatives that follow the same ethos. Drop us an email to request our specs and discuss ideas, contact us here.

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