From interventions to shows, we devise and produce multidisciplinary live experiences based on original storytelling, combining physical performance, cinematic design installation, music, and hospitality.

Our experiences explore deeper layers and angles of narratives. A live dimension where audiences can get a real sense of what it’s like to enter the story, access the unimaginable, touch it, feel it.

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A multidisciplinary live experience based on a story about Talita, who suffered from an eye condition that made her blink excessively during the day; and ended up discovering a whole new world – A nocturnal society of unusual characters, places, and freedom. The production is about questioning traditional norms, being different, dysfunctional families, and forgiveness.

Sync series

In Sync Series we get together with up-and-coming local bands, musicians, and creatives to develop concept shows based on authorial music. An experimental integration of sound and visual with the story at the heart of it; A chance to explore and genuinely play with the form.

Photo Ness Figura

Past projects

The Memory Keeper

The Memory Keeper was a prototype site-specific experience that took the audience back to Erin’s memories of The Granary Club. The last gathering before its closure and last time Erin was ever seen. The moments and stories he promised never to forget.

For one night only, on the same day The Granary Club shut their doors, we secretly brought music back to where it should have never left.

“Hopefully whoever occupies the building has a love of rock music as they are sharing it with the ghosts of world’s finest rock musicians”

Al Read – The Granary Club’s author and former programmer

The Memory Keeper

Video Got Soul Films  |  Music ‘Erin’ by Jemma Jeffery

Code Blue

Video Got Soul Films  |  Music ‘Better Days’ by Ben Sound

Code Blue

After spending many months looking for spaces to establish Dareshack, we started to pay more attention to the places around us, more specifically the vacant shops. Often, we caught ourselves imagining what we could do with all those unused opportunities.

Featuring over 70 light beacons, Code Blue, a light installation that was more like an emergency call; to highlight the urge for change and for sticking together. Light represents opportunity, and we very much hope that more spaces in the city can be filled with ideas, arts, and culture, instead of being another empty shop.

Unofficially part of the 2020 Bristol Light Festival.

Live from 27th Feb – 1st Mar 2020

“A gorgeous surprise as we walked along Wine Street”

Sara Budd

“A great unofficial part of Bristol’s light festival tour”

Laura Taylor
Work with us


At our agency arm, we employ our creative model to conceive and produce bespoke live entertainment projects in collaboration with other organisations.

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