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Project 001

Unknown Connections

Unknown Connections is a multimedia and interactive installation at the intersection of sound and light, which creates an immersive environment that audiences can imaginatively explore.

Inspired by the theory of Loop Quantum Gravity and its interpretation of the essential structure of space-time, it represents the fabric of reality as a relational entity that only exists thanks to the interactions between its parts.

Dareshack Creative Funding – Project 001 - Main Pic 1
Dareshack Creative Funding – Project 001 - Main Pic 2
In Unknown connections, all the elements are interconnected so that everything is either influencing or being influenced by something else. The whole system thus relies on interaction to make the soundscape and the visual elements evolve.
Dareshack Creative Funding – Project 001 - Profile Pic - Matheo Amadio

By Matteo Amadio

Matteo Amadio is a Bristol-based sound and visual artist exploring the combination of acoustic and electronic instruments to create hybrid systems and tools for music performance and composition. By developing interdisciplinary projects merging interactive, audio-reactive, and generative AV installations, his focus on immersive experiences aims to blur the lines between the visual and the sonic, taking the audience through a new world of connections and reactions.