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Project 004

Dialling In (House Blend)

Repurposing day-to-day machinery into musical instruments, and noises into narratives, the House Blend collective will transform the workplace of Dareshack into a world of musical escapes, imageries, and imagination.

Dareshack Creative Funding – Project 004
Dareshack Creative Funding – Project 004 - 2

By House Blend Collective

The House Blend is a collective formed by Dareshack’s team, who are coming together to create experimental multimedia projects.

Current members: Anna Judson // Elie Da Silva // Henry Barbosa // Jamie Provis // Molly Milton // Norton Robey // Samuel Gan // Will Tucker // Adda Cohn

Anna Judson | With a degree in Graphic Communication, Anna is specialised in type design and branding and a  keen interest in interactive design and programming.

Elie Da Silva | A music composer and sound designer focusing on the link between human body and sound frequency.

Henry Barbosa | Henry is an audio engineer and producer focused on atmospheric soundscapes and creative use of samples.

Jamie Provis | Computer science student with an interest in AI and machine learning.

Molly Milton | A painter and poet who has studied creative marketing and direction. Molly has exhibited art and performed poetry in collective showcases and online interactive galleries.

Norton Robey | A jazz musician currently studying for a masters in music production. He is passionate about live performance and fascinated about capturing the unique energy of a single moment in audio, video or any other form.

Samuel Gan | Photographer with an interest in portraits and visual storytelling.

Will Tucker | A multidisciplinary artist with focus in performing arts and a new interest in visual media, especially interested by exploring the human condition and finding motive in how we propose questions to the audience.

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