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I Will Never Understand: Dissolving the Fragmented Self

‘I Will Never Understand: Dissolving the Fragmented Self’ is a multidisciplinary collaboration centred around ‘IWNU’, a track from t l k’s debut EP, Strength In Tenderness.

The outcome is twofold: a music video, and an immersive live experience translating the video’s scenes through installation, live sound and movement. The project marks an experimental melding of minds and disciplines, intended to stretch the boundaries of each practice, while challenging audience perceptions of form, experience and identity.

‘IWNU’ centres around a repeating phrase, ‘I Will Never Understand’; an inner dialogue mulling the fragmented nature of selfhood. We are human in our multiplicity, and trauma has a tendency to surface as different – sometimes dissonant – ‘parts’. While we embody one, we fail to understand the mindset and behaviours of our more dissonant selves, resulting in turbulent cycles of internal conflict, shaping our human identities and how we exist in the world. Ultimately, in acknowledging the fragmented self as a paradox of universal consciousness, we bathe in the dissolve of selfhood entirely.

The live experience will take place at Dareshack’s studio in October 2022 and tickets will be on sale soon.

By t l k and Ben Dornan Wilson

t l k is an independent producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and inter-disciplinary collaborator. t l k stretches the thin fabric of selfhood, residing between the ethereal and the mundane. Ben is a Bristol-based filmmaker and photographer. His work centres around narrative storytelling, with a focus on intricate editing, queer culture and audio-visual intersections.

Tarli Lumby (@tarlielumby) is dance artist and choreographer currently based in Berlin. Drawing from their background in Visual Arts, they have a rich interdisciplinary practise in contemporary dance and live art. Preoccupied with the exploration of altered states, spirit and subconscious, their choreographic works are immersive sites of encounter where deep states of connection, fantasy and the transpersonal expose the body as an archive of human dreams.

Ben Dornan Wilson (@bendornanwilson) is a Bristol-based filmmaker and photographer. His work centres around narrative storytelling, with a focus on intricate editing, queer culture and audio-visual intersections. His practice is increasingly orienting around capturing identity and selfhood through body movement, environment, and experimental filming techniques.

Giulia Spadafora (@giugliotto) is a Bristol-based portrait and music photographer from Rome. Her work behind the lens takes a boldly sensitive approach towards capturing a wide spectrum of energies, stretching from individual forms to vast crowds. Her attentive eye lends itself to documenting intentionally, diving deeply into the source of an idea to weave it into being.

Maisie Brett (@maisiebrettmarbling) is a second generation marbler, based between Perthshire (Scotland) and Bristol. The marbling process involves floating paint on an aqueous surface to form patterns, usually for transfer onto paper/ceramics. Hand marbling of this nature has been identified as an endangered heritage craft, with no more than 30 known professionals. Maisie has finessed a range of traditional, custom and collaborative works, and has wanted to blend her niche practice with live projection and reactive environments for some time, bringing this 17th Century craft into the avant garde.

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