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Project 002

Sixteen by sixteen

16×16 is an interactive installation exploring computer-aided creativity through an esoteric audio-visual platform. Typing on a keyboard, a series of novel grid-based music environments can be investigated, with machine-learning generated prompts encouraging creative play.

The piece looks at how constraints and meaningful minimalist interaction can foster creativity, focusing on how machine-learning interventions can become a valuable part of the creative process. How much musical fun can you have with only a 16×16 grid? Can simple technology lead to deep interaction and flow? Can you make complex music with minimalist, yet meaningful systems? And, does collaboration with whimsical machine-learning aid creativity?

Dareshack - Creative Funding Platform – Project 002 - Main Pic
Dareshack - Creative Funding Platform – Project 002 - Main Pic 2

The installation will take place in a secret room at Dareshack between September, and October and will be open to all.

Dareshack - Creative Funding Platform – Project 002 - Profile Pic - Pete Bennett, Dave Webb and Jens Ewald

By Pete Bennett, Dave Webb and Jens Ewald

This project is a collaboration among three artists that work at the intersection of code, music and interactivity.

Pete (@petebennett) is a freelance creative technologist and lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. He hosts Muzak Concrète (on Noods Radio), runs Ambient Cafe (at Friendly Records) and is a player of modular synth.

Dave (@crispysmokedweb) is a creative technologist and lecturer in Creative Computing at Bath Spa, specialising in generative visual installations.

Jen (@not.aus)is a creative technology practitioner with a background in philosophy, sound art, and design. He lectures internationally on creative digital technology practice and is part of the Staalplaat Soundsystem sound art collective. Currently he explores his interests in computational matters through PhD research on wearable IoT and resonance at the School of Art and Design at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle.

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