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We are a community. We work together and we grow together.
We push each other forward. We test, learn, and play. We dare, we share. Artists, tech heads, writers, performers, inventors, film-makers, university drop-outs, misfit souls, creative humans.

Everyone is welcomed. Rooted in – but not restricted to – live experiences and audiovisual productions, our mission is to empower each other.
We believe that ideas must stand a chance to exist and that we all should have a shot. Because creativity can save us all.

We look forward to hearing from you.

From creatives to creatives.

Funding is not everything, so apart from the monetary support, creatives will have access to:

Dareshack – Creative Funding Platform - Wine St 3

Application form


Please only apply using the form above, applications in any other form will be rejected.

Everyone is more than welcome to apply, independent on your background. We are limiting this to Bristol-based people and in the future this may become limited to members only.

We will let you know as soon as we can, it may take up to 12 weeks to revert back, in order to give us time to read all applications carefully. Please don’t take it personally, our shots are quite limited right now, but as things develop we are hoping to be able to say more yesses! We are a small team and we may not be able to give specific feedback all the time.

Yep, you sure can apply with a new project.

We will ask some internal questions after considering the material, including:

  1. Is it challenging the status quo?
  2. Is this a meaningful experience?
  3. Can we and are we the best ones to support this creative/project at this time?
  4. How can our audiences/customers benefit from this?
  5. Can this help the local creative community?

At the moment we are particularly interested in audio, tech, audiovisual, lighting, physical performance, interactive & immersive tools, and visual arts.

Not quite. But we would prefer to keep it under £1000 so we can realise them quicker. The more we grow, the more we can fund, but we are only a start-up.

We can’t guarantee times as projects are normally funded through the income in our shops. The better things go, the quicker the round. The schedule of payment will be shared at the time of the confirmation.

The funds, dedicated space in our Wine St shop, use of the studio space for R&D, tools and general support/mentorship. We also may seek external partners to contribute to the project, and we may inject additional funds depending on our role.

Apart from realising our mission of unleashing creative power, Dareshack may hold first right of refusal in future developments related to the project or the intellectual property created, and may hold shares/royalties depending on our team’s involvement. All to be pre-agreed among all parties in advance. The level of Dareshack’s involvement will change according to our current ops capacity and the alignment of the project and creator with our creative endeavours.

For any other enquiries, please check our terms and conditions, or get in touch by email.