Triple Dare – A collaboration between Dareshack and Triple Co Roast

Speciality coffee

What is coffee to you? To some – it’s a drink that keeps them going, to many – it’s a form of expression, to others – it’s their livelihood. For us – it’s where creativity starts.

We are constantly exploring the reasons why coffee is so important to so many people. We are setting out to push the boundaries of what coffee can be, and this doesn’t end at the brew bar.

We’re using our space and our curiosity to challenge and explore our perceptions. A plant, a fruit, a bean. A conversation, an inspiration, an idea.

We want coffee to be inclusive and accessible, yet exciting and playful. We want to go beyond science; beyond understanding extraction, beyond the perfect milk texture, and beyond the numbers. We want to delve deep into the world that surrounds coffee and feel fully immersed in all its wonder.

There’s so much more to discover.

Let’s go on this journey together and see what we find. Remove all expectations and pre-existing conceptions. Take what we know and expand our knowledge into new and exciting places.

Let’s surprise the senses, activate our minds, and drink amazing coffee.


Our open plan kitchen is a space where we can truly explore creativity through flavour, acting as a lab for gastronomy experimentation for our creative projects and to the creation of dishes that we are truly proud of. Our food menu is inspired by the seasonality and freshness of locally sourced ingredients.

Doughnuts: From 10:00, Fridays to Sundays (Coming back soon!!!)

Evening Snacks & Small plates: Launching soon!

Bespoke orders or Group reservations? Drop us a line.

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