Dareshack – Art exhibitions in Bristol city centre BS12BD

Art at Dareshack

It’s part of our mission to connect with the local creative community and to be a place where art is appreciated and shared. From a display of single pieces, transformation of secret rooms, to full takeovers, we curate works that can spark a feeling, a thought, and bring joy. In June 2022, we launched our window gallery, where we dedicated part of our shop window to creativity, facing onto the busy Wine Street, showing art to the public 24/7.

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‘Continental Drifters’


August 2022 – Present

After 20 years apart, the AAGH crew – Sickboy (Bristol) x Dr. Dog (Tokyo), reunite with a show at Dareshack. ‘Continental Drifters’ is a recollection of the 2001 energy, featuring five exclusive pieces and a collaborative work on the window gallery [AKA Vapour box], which is on 24/7.

Belovitch | April 2022 – Present

Her work questions polarising viewpoints and universally agreed on associations. Working in multiple mediums: installation, interactive art, digital art, video projection, painting, and sculpture.

Prayers Arms, 2019, plaster – is currently on show.


Cheba  |  July – August 2022

Bristol-based artist, inspired by space and stars. His work is mainly created with spray paint, which he uses to paint pictures full of colour and depth. Cheba kindly gifted us with a permanent art on our front shutter.

Helen Jones | June 2022

Bristol-based artist who creates tremendous original monochrome drawings of clouds.

Umbra Collective | May 2022

A multidisciplinary art collective in Bristol showcasing work exploring absence, shadows, and obscurities within the physical and socio-political environment.

Pascoe Kelly-Sinclair | 2021

Bristol-based sculptor inspired by everyday objects to create simplistic and minimal depictions using construction materials. You can find Pascoe’s juice carton on display at our bar.

John D’oh | 2021

Humorous Bristol street artist & author known for wacky installation & political art.

Octopus Odyssey | 2020 – 2021

Axenia Raulet is a polyglot artist & dreamer sans Espoir with an irrepressible pulsion to create. She is specialized in Analog Collage where she inspires herself from human anatomy books, barely imaginable beings inventories, and Atlas Obscura archives to create surreal & absurd worlds and bizarre creatures for those hungry eyes eager to explore the subconscious imaginary.

Hugo Farmer | 2020 – 2021

Bristol-based Sculptor and fine artist. Hugo’s work is politically motivated, around the freedom of expression and speech. His preferred application is sculpture where he normally replaces the heads of life size human figures with things.