Dareshack is an entertainment company building unique environments where creative people and projects can thrive.
Combining physical and digital spaces with professional support, we collaborate with artists and innovators to nurture extraordinary ideas. We work at the intersection of music, video and technology, from live entertainment to digital productions.

Our journey

As one of the many start-ups hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, we had to reshape ourselves. Prior to the first lockdown, we were gearing up to take over the premises and consolidate Dareshack’s full concept.

Although the entertainment side was temporarily compromised, we were running on momentum and didn’t want to stop, so we decided to gather the resources we had and opened part of our hospitality offering, launching the coffee bar, and focusing on creating the concept shop.

Eighteen months later, we launched our studio space with an amazing and diverse music programme. And now, with the full renovation in place, our team are developing the next productions that will be launched end of 2022.

Our past


Coffee Events

The coffee cupping experience with Hard lines, June 2022

We took the structure from a standard coffee cupping and explored how we could be creative with the environment; visuals, sounds and atmosphere. Through looking at the data we’ve collected, we’ve speculated the correlation between the state of our environment and the way we perceive taste when external factors are activating our other senses. Head to the Journal to read the full write up!

Latte art throwdown with Oatly and Triple Co, May 2022

This is what happens when you take a simple competition and put it on stage, with lights, smoke, projection and music. We gathered a bunch of oat-loving humans to show off their mind-blowing latte art skills in collaboration with Oatly and Triple Co Roast.

Dareshack - Coffee events – The coffee cupping experience with Hard lines - June 2022
Dareshack - Coffee events – Latte art throwdown with Oatly and Triple Co - May 2022
Dareshack – Cold Blue – Art installation 2020 – Bristol Light Festival 1
Dareshack – Cold Blue – Art installation 2020 – Bristol Light Festival 2
Code Blue

Art Installation, 2020

For the launch of Bristol Light Festival in 2020 we took this opportunity to shine light to an empty space on the high street – A space we were battling for almost a year to get planning permission for, now Dareshack’s home.

Code Blue was an intervention featuring over 70 light beacons – A light installation that was more like an emergency call; To raise awareness about the decline of the high streets, and how those spaces could be filled with ideas, arts and culture, instead of being another empty shop.

Unofficially part of the 2020 Bristol Light Festival.

Live from 27th Feb – 1st Mar 2020

“A gorgeous surprise as we walked along Wine Street”

Sara Budd

“A great unofficial part of Bristol’s light festival tour”

Laura Taylor
The Memory Keeper

Prototype experience, 2018

The Memory Keeper was a prototype live experience exploring site-specific original storytelling, and multi-tier formats, inspired by the story of The Granary Club that closed its doors in 1988.

For one night only, we’ve re-opened the doors of the iconic building to bring music and art back to where they should have never left; we told the story through Erin’s memories and what he’s left behind. A secret, non-linear narrative that took audiences through a journey of exploration and interactivity.

For more information about this project, including photos and credits, head to this post.

“Hopefully whoever occupies the building has a love of rock music as they are sharing it with the ghosts of world’s finest rock musicians”

Al Read – The Granary Club’s author and former programmer

Music ‘Erin’ by Jemma Jeffery

Work with us


We employ our creative model to conceive and produce bespoke live entertainment projects in collaboration with other organisations.

Got an idea? Let’s talk.

“Dareshack was a fantastic venue to collaborate with. Their incredible space moulded well with our client’s vision and their brand, leading to a seamless event that hit the brief above and beyond. We wish we could host every event at Dareshack!”

Taste PR | Guinness