switched off

We are opening a shop (!!!),
and for the next few weeks, our online shop will be on hold until we can bake again.
Bear with us, and you'll not regret it.
Dareshack is a Bristol-based creative studio producing hospitality & entertainment experiences.

Not long ago we were working towards opening our concept shop in Bristol. A physical space with a restaurant, café and bar, along with a multi-purpose studio space accommodating a provocative programme of experiences. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Dareshack concept shop’s future is now uncertain.

We will be digitally switching on piece by piece of what we do, until we can combine them all, and be physically together. We start with our artisan bakery, and here is the deal:

We are firing up the ovens and safely delivering to your door, high quality and handmade baked goods. Sourdough, fresh & proper bread, and all the flavoursome stuff that you miss the most or didn’t know you were missing.

And you, stay at home. Just a little longer.

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